Monitor Weather Conditions in Your Field from Anywhere 

Access to accurate weather data is one of the best ways to ensure increased yields, and Valley Weather Station is an important tool to detect current weather conditions and analyze historical weather patterns. It can also assist with other aspects of crop management, such as irrigation scheduling. 

• View weather data anytime, anywhere via Valley 365™
• Integrated sensors and enclosure with a built-in solar panel
• Sensors for wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, rain, barometric pressure and solar radiation
• Mounting hardware for a tripod, pole or t-post (tripod/pole/t-post not included)

valley irrigation weather station

Valley Weather Station is Your Eyes in the Storm (and Everywhere Else). 

  • Easy installation – a simplified wiring process makes for quick setup.
  • Mobile access – weather data is displayed alongside your irrigation, soil moisture and grain bin data, all on the same dashboard.
  • Increased productivity – real-time text message alerts about changing weather conditions can improve your labor and farm machine efficiency, allowing you to allocate resources where they’re needed most.
  • Informed decisions – having easy access to real-time heat, humidity and frost conditions will result in better decision making during harvest and when working with livestock.
  • Better accuracy – wind data keeps expensive chemicals where you need them when spraying crops.
  • Field-specific data – receive information directly from your field.
  • Peace of mind – sleep easier, save trips to the field and use water more efficiently by receiving alerts about changing weather conditions.
  • Connected Crop Management – Integrates with Valley Scheduling™ and Valley 365 – available on the App Store and Google Play

Valley Value


Backed by the industry-leading Valley dealer network. 


From the most trusted name in irrigation. 


Great for help applying chemicals accurately. 


Make informed decisions with real-time information. 


Integrates with other Valley technology for connected crop management 

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