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Irrigation Smart Panels: ICONs in Brazil

by User Not Found | Aug 09, 2018

Brothers Cristian and Martin Braun have grown soybeans, corn and beans since 1989, but recently they have begun investing in irrigation technology to increase their profitability. This forward thinking led them to purchase their first ICON10 smart panel from Valley® Irrigation. It was installed in mid-May on their farm in Primavero do Leste, in Mato Grasso, a state bordering Bolivia in the western part of Brazil.

“We have four Valley pivots. When we bought the last one, we were introduced to ICON10 … Although we have been using the smart panel for only a short period of time, we recognize its utility, especially the wireless monitoring via Wi-Fi. It is very useful and practical,” said Cristian.


BrazilTestimonial2-850709-editedCristian Braun appreciates the increased efficiency the ICON10 smart panel grants him, including Wi-Fi access.

The irrigation monitoring allowed by ICON10 means that the grower can stay aware of everything remotely, and can control activities at the smart panel itself, using its 10-inch, full-color touchscreen. Cristian can adjust his pivots’ operation based on real-time data, including weather and GPS positioning. And all Valley ICON® smart panels come with AgSense built in.

“We can schedule a time to turn off the center pivots; that’s one of the features we like the most. Seriously, the ICON10 makes it way easier to control the irrigation, avoiding waste and focusing more on efficiency,” Cristian said.

BrazilTestimonial1-936259-editedThe Braun brothers of western Brazil only recently installed Valley ICON smart panels on their pivots, but are already noticing the difference that working with industry-leading technology can make.

Valley has helped the Brauns be more profitable, and the ICON10 smart panel is taking their success to a new level. “Pivot irrigation always offers more income than dryland farming, no doubts about that. Even in rainy seasons, we bet on pivots,” said Cristian.

To the Braun brothers, quality is the only factor for choosing irrigation equipment. “We always decide which brand to choose based on quality, on what is the best in Brazil and in the world,” said Cristian. “We have been working with irrigation for 15 years and we have always gotten very positive results with Valley equipment.”

For more information on the ICON10 or any of the industry-best Valley Irrigation products, contact your local Valley dealer today.

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