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Valley X-Tec: This Center Drive Motor Will Change the Way You Irrigate

by User Not Found | Aug 28, 2017

For decades, the AC motor has been the heart of the center drive, placidly propelling pivots around fields all over the world. Valley®, the leader in irrigation technology, is changing that. We are proud to bring you the next generation center drive motor – introducing the Valley X-Tec center drive with FastPass technology.

Valley-X-Tec---motor-shot---web.jpgThe Valley X-Tec delivers the ultimate combination: top performing speed for quick irrigation cycles and dynamic power to take on even the toughest terrain. This new center drive motor combines an advanced DC motor with our patented new alignment system. It features full torque at all speeds, electric braking and a low inertia rotor. Its soft start allows for smooth acceleration of the motor, while its robust design provides long lasting durability.

As a grower, you will be amazed the first time you see your center pivot, equipped with the Valley X-Tec, rumble across the field at up to 136 RPM! In the past, a standard seven-tower machine would take eight hours to make a complete pass around a field. Now, it can be done in four hours. This kind of high-speed irrigation opens up new options for the way you irrigate:

  • Provide a crop cooling pass
  • Reposition a part circle machine for improved watering
  • Make foliar applications of chemicals and fertilizers
  • Keep the ground properly moist during germination

The Valley X-Tec maintains full torque at all speeds, giving it the ability to handle rough terrain, rocks, hills and slopes while maintaining the high-speed irrigation you need.

Valley-X-Tec---hero-shot---web.jpgSeveral new technologies are brought together in the Valley X-Tec. First, the industry-standard AC motor is replaced with a switched reluctance (SR) technology DC motor. This motor design is mechanically simpler than other motors, as it has no commutator. Instead, coils are switched off and on in the stator and the rotor follows, creating rotation. Additionally, the new patented alignment system uses induction proximity sensors that allow for fine adjustment. These two innovations work together to continually adjust the speed of the motors to keep all the center pivot towers precisely aligned.

The Valley X-Tec with FastPass technology can be ordered starting September 11, 2017. Valley X-Tec is available for 8000 series and 7000 series center pivots of any span length and pipe diameter. Overall center pivot length is limited to 2,000’, and Valley X-Tec is not yet available for linear, corner or Bender machines. The Valley X-Tec can be retrofit to existing center pivots that meet certain parameters. 

Watch the Valley X-Tec in action, or contact your Valley dealer for more information.

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