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Top 3 Reasons to Use Linear Irrigation

by User Not Found | Mar 27, 2017

Linear irrigation is often seen as one of the most highly efficient methods, and may be the right fit for your field. Here are our top three reasons to consider linears on your farm.

1. Maximize Irrigated Area


Linears travel back and forth across a field, whereas a center pivot moves around a central point and may miss the corners of the field. This means that a linear will typically irrigate 92% - 98% of a square or rectangular field. And now, with options such as swing-around and the Valley® DropSpan™, linears can be effective on even odd shaped fields.

2. Conserve Water


Due to how linears move across a field, the area each sprinkler covers is the same. This means that nozzles can be sized to apply only the amount of water needed and thus help conserve water.

How does this differ from a center pivot? A sprinkler at the end of the pivot may move 10 feet the same time a sprinkler closer to the center of the machine only moves one foot. Because of this, sprinklers on a pivot have to both be sized for their location on the machine and be sized for optimal water application. So, linear irrigation delivers lower rates of water than the outer portion of a center pivot. This can help eliminate runoff when irrigating on certain soil types, as well as can be used to irrigate difficult soil types effectively. This all helps to effectively use and conserve water.

3. Increase Profitability


Maximizing irrigated area and more effectively using and conserving water will all add up to increasing profitability. By placing only the water when and where it’s needed, you maximize crop production with limited resources. Linears are also known to reduce labor cost by 50% compared to side-roll, flood and hand-move irrigation methods. Linear machines can also be used to apply chemigation and fertigation.

Are you ready to give linear irrigation a chance? Contact your local Valley dealer today.

Kevin Fischman
Associate Product Application Specialist
Valley Irrigation