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Introducing Valley ICON and the ICON10 Control Panel for Irrigation.

by User Not Found | Jan 06, 2017

Oh, how far we’ve come.

Almost 35 years ago, Valley® released the industry’s very first remote monitor and control product, the Valmonitor. About five years after that, Valley introduced farmers to C:A:M:S technology, the revolutionary “computerized” control panel for irrigation. Those two products represented a huge leap in capability and were the first steps towards true efficiency in controlling irrigation equipment. Not just efficient use of water, but also of time, labor and fuel.


Now, with the introduction of the ICON line of smart panels, Valley is planting another milestone. The ICON series is a smart and intuitive way to control irrigation equipment. Every ICON smart panel offers the same full set of functions, but each control panel has been specifically designed to address the needs of different growers. Here is an introduction to the Valley ICON10™.

The Valley ICON10 panel is the top-of-the-line ICON model. The 10-inch touchscreen display vividly shows you pivot controls, current status and programs. In addition to the touchscreen display, the ICON10 allows you to add the revolutionary Edge-of-Field WiFi option, providing WiFi connectivity to the panel through the ICON app from the edge of your field with your mobile device and eliminating unnecessary trips to the pivot point. The ICON10 also comes standard with AgSense® ICON Link factory installed. Or, the panel can be configured for integration into BaseStation3™, providing multiple options for remote telemetry.


This panel packs a powerful technology punch. The touchscreen operation is just as easy to use as your smartphone or tablet, and it provides multiple ways for you to connect to your pivot, so you are always in the know and always in charge, making the Valley ICON10 the premier way to control irrigation equipment.

All of the Valley ICON panels keep with the longstanding Valley tradition of leading the industry. Here are some of the industry's firsts in the ICON line.

  • The first line of irrigation panels that will ship ready to connect. Whether it’s to AgSense or BaseStation3, the connectivity is already included in the panel.
  • The very first in the industry to offer the revolutionary Edge-of-Field WiFi, enabling access to all of the features and functions of the panel without having to drive to the pivot point.
  • The Valley ICON1 is the first and only smart panel without a display, and yet it offers full access to its capabilities through the included Edge-of-Field WiFi.
  • The Valey ICONX is the industry’s first, and only, control panel for irrigation designed to convert older panels and non-Valley panels to full ICON touch control.

Visit valleyICON.com or contact your local Valley dealer today to learn more about the entire line of ICON smart panels from Valley.

In honor of our new product launch, we're giving away 3 ICON smart panels! Enter today.

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