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10 Unique BaseStation3 Features for Center Pivot Irrigation Monitoring

by User Not Found | Nov 17, 2016

BaseStation3™ from Valley® is an industry-leading, remote management technology product. With BaseStation3, you can communicate with your devices from anywhere you are in the world. With the abundance of features available in BaseStation3, there are likely some you may not know about. Check out a few of the abilities you can have with the software’s easy-to-use interface.

Center pivots are just the beginning

center pivot

1. BaseStation3 can do more than just irrigation monitoring. You can monitor and control a number of device types, including center pivots, standard linear machines, auxiliary outputs, soil moisture probes, flow meters, pump stations, engine interfaces and even AgSense® devices - providing added visibility to your entire operation.

2. It comes standard with a number of interface customization options including color theme, language, units of measure, and main screen preferences.

Multiple options to customize the revolutions of your machine

pro2 control panel

3. Patented Cruise Control™ allows the user to set a time period for their pivot irrigation machine to travel a specified number of degrees.

4. Destination ETA is a feature specific to BaseStation3 that allows you to calculate the duration of a running cycle until it reaches a certain spot in the field.

5. The Pass Counter will count how many passes a pivot makes over a specific point in the current running cycle.

6. With the Stop-in-Slot (SIS) feature, you can tell your pivot to stop when it gets to a certain spot in the field.

7. Using SIS with the Irrigation Cycle feature, you can tell the center pivot how many passes to make over a specific spot until it makes its final stop.

Variable rate irrigation - putting water where you need it


8. Variable rate irrigation (VRI) hardware and software allows you to precisely customize water application based on a number of field variables. With BaseStation3, you can load and manage prescriptions for VRI Speed Control and VRI Zone Control applications. Through the VRI view in BaseStation3, you can monitor and control when prescriptions for each pivot are running, which prescriptions are running, and the progress of the application – all from a single view.

Add-on modules - custom for your application

basestation3 grower

9. BaseStation3 users have the option to purchase add-on modules, providing them with premium features including field re-entry warnings, advanced reporting and SCADA integration. Please contact your local Valley dealer for more information about turning these features on.

Third-party integration

10. BaseStation3 integrates with Valley Irrigation Exchange®, where users can take advantage of partner services by sharing operational data. This provides you with extended abilities through third-party integration.

There are a number of resources available to learn more about irrigation monitoring and BaseStation3:

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Of course, your local Valley dealer is an excellent source for BaseStation3 support, and is always available to assist with further questions.

Ashley Anderson
Senior Product Manager
Valley Irrigation

Ashley was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, where she attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Bellevue University, completing a BSBA and a MBA in Management and Marketing. When Ashley joined Valley Irrigation, she brought a background of software management skills to the team. In her role as Senior Product Manager, she has ownership of directing and supporting irrigation technology products, including Valley 365 and BaseStation3. In her spare time, she enjoys time spent with friends and family.