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Valley is Committed to Having the Most Connected Machines

by User Not Found | Jun 16, 2016

By Matt Ondrejko, Vice President, Global Marketing, Valley Irrigation

In today’s world, we are all tethered to technology via our mobile phones or tablets.

We carry more computing power in our pockets than was present on the first spacecraft that took man out of our atmosphere.

We can pull up maps, contact friends, watch videos and get the most immediate news whenever we need to. Our lives are forever changed by the power of information and technology. The key for all of us is to make sure we use the power of these devices in a way that complements our lives and to drive ourselves forward.

How can the technology we develop aid in better decisions, faster action and more free time for our users?

At Valley, we think about driving ourselves forward every time we work on software or graphical user interfaces for our irrigation equipment. We think about ways to make the user experience easy, intuitive and simplified.

Valley BaseStation3 and AgSense products continue to be evaluated, refined and improved upon every day with real life feedback from our growers. The response and ability to enable the grower to control their irrigation from anywhere in the world while having the peace of mind that what they see and what they send is correctly transferred is what drives us to have the most connected machines in the world.

Valley and AgSense are committed to technology and enabling the grower. A major part of that commitment is truly listening to you, the customer. Your opinion is essential to Valley understanding what solutions we should provide. We want to hear from you!

How can Valley help you to work smarter, not harder? Download our infographic on how irrigation telemetry technology can help you achieve this.

Matt Ondrejko
Vice President, Global Marketing
Valley Irrigation

The one word that can sum up Matt is "enthusiasm!" He likes to be on-the-go and have fun along the way. Matt loves music and the 1980s era. He is a child of the MTV generation and has a deep appreciation of all music genres (specifically, he is a huge Dave Matthews Band groupie). Matt has traveled to more than 70 countries around the world and enjoys learning about different cultures and people. He spent three years living with his family in Leuven, Belgium, trying to enjoy as many of the 700+ beers they brew there.