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A Commentary on the Groundwater Crisis in California

by User Not Found | Mar 10, 2016

A commentary on the article "California groundwater crisis creates burdens, opportunities for growers" by guest blogger Jane Griffin.

This article looks at the situation in California from a number of points of view and perspectives. I applaud the growers who want to "be part of the solution." That is the approach that we at The Groundwater Foundation know is the way to success. Those that want to be part of the solution are looking at this crisis from a long-term perspective, which is extremely difficult to do when you are in the height of a crisis.

About Jane Griffin
The Groundwater Foundation
Jane Griffin serves as president of The Groundwater Foundation, a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate people and inspire action to ensure sustainable, clean groundwater for future generations. The Groundwater Foundation is based in Lincoln, Nebraska and is a well-respected voice for groundwater education and citizen involvement.