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Introducing the Valley ICONX Control Panel for Irrigation

by User Not Found | Jan 26, 2017

Throughout the month of January, Growing the Conversation has introduced you to three of the four new ICON smart panels from Valley® – the ICON10, ICON1 and ICON5. This week, we are thrilled to introduce you to the ICON panel that gives growers like you the key to complete control over your entire pivot irrigation operation – the ICONX.   

By now, you’ve probably seen and maybe you have even tried out the all new ICON panels, either at your local Valley dealership or at demo.ValleyICON.com. You are probably excited about all the capabilities they could bring to your operation – connectivity, weather enhancements, intuitive menu and our patented Cruise Control feature, to name just a few. But, what do you do if you have some pesky non-Valley machines and upgrading your pivot isn’t in the budget for this year?


Relax, Valley has the perfect solution for you - the ICONX. Upgrade your farm equipment with a panel that was designed for your exact situation, eliminating the need to replace the entire panel enclosure. The ICONX mounts next to the existing panel, using it as a host and assuming control of the pivot, giving you complete ICON touchscreen functionality, GPS Position and AgSense® connectivity built-in. Now, no-matter what brand of pivot irrigation machine, you can have all your machines connected through AgSense or Valley BaseStation3™.


Even though the ICONX uses an existing panel as a host, it still comes with the same full set of features that you would expect to come with any of the ICON line of smart panels. Whether it’s connected through BaseStation3, AgSense or not connected at all yet, you have access to the entire feature set.

All the Valley ICON panels keep with the longstanding Valley tradition of leading the industry. Here are some of the industry's firsts in the ICON line.

  • The first line of pivot irrigation panels that will ship ready to connect. Whether it’s to AgSense or BaseStation3, the equipment is already included in the panel.
  • ICON is the very first in the industry to offer the revolutionary Edge-of-Field WiFi, enabling access to all of the features and functions of the panel without having to drive to the pivot point.
  • The Valley ICON1 is the first and only smart panel without a display, and yet it offers full access to its capabilities through the included Edge-of-Field WiFi.
  • The Valey ICONX is the industry’s first, and only, control panel for pivot irrigation designed to upgrade your farm equipment by converting older panels and non-Valley panels to full ICON touch control.

Visit valleyICON.com or contact your local Valley dealer today to learn more about the entire line of ICON smart panels from Valley.

In honor of our new product launch, we're giving away three ICON smart panels! Enter today.

John Campbell
National Account Manager
Valley Irrigation

John trains and educates Valley dealers on the latest technology products. He also serves as a liaison between growers and product development teams, ensuring Valley responds quickly to growers’ changing technology needs. John lives in Omaha, where he pursues his many hobbies, including classic cars and running.