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Introducing the Valley ICON5 Control Panel for Irrigation

by User Not Found | Jan 19, 2017

Over the past two weeks, Growing the Conversation Blog has introduced you to the new ICON10 and ICON1 smart panels for pivot irrigation from Valley®. We are excited to continue with the introductions to the ICON series of smart panels with the most versatile irrigation panel in the lineup – the ICON5™.


The ICON5 is unique in that it offers unmatched simplicity and ease of use to growers that span generations. The ICON5 panel brings the same full set of features as the ICON10 panel, but in a robust 5-inch, full-color touchscreen display. What really sets this smart panel apart is the integrated soft touch buttons along the sides and bottom of the touchscreen.

The soft touch buttons on the ICON5 make menu navigation extremely intuitive and provide the tactile feedback of a push button that some users prefer. First time users of the ICON5 immediately notice how easy the panel is to use, commenting that the menu, home and back buttons work just like their smartphone.

This irrigation panel was designed from the ground up with the user in mind. During the development of the ICON5, Valley took prototype panels out to hundreds of users across the country to test and gather feedback. We asked growers to give us their honest opinions on the panels - what they liked, and didn't like. The growers didn't hold back, we received great suggestions and recomendations on what features and navigational adjustments they wanted to see implemented. We were able to bring the voice of the customer into the development process and use it to design a smart irrigation panel that is simple and intuitive for all to use.


One of the farmers that tested a prototype ICON5 panel during the 2016 growing season remarked on how well the ICON5 fit into the operations on his multigenerational farm. His father prefered to control their panel using the soft touch buttons, while he prefered to use the touchscreen. They see technology differently but both were easily able to use the technology. 

Like all of the ICON smart panels, the ICON5 ships with AgSense® ICON Link factory installed, so it can easily connect to AgSense or BaseStation3™. Giving you complete control over your pivot irrigation from anywhere you are. 

All of the Valley ICON panels keep with the longstanding Valley tradition of leading the industry. Here are some of the industry's firsts in the ICON line.

  • The first line of irrigation panels that will ship ready to connect. Whether it’s to AgSense or BaseStation3, the connectivity is already included in the panel.
  • The very first in the industry to offer the revolutionary Edge-of-Field WiFi, enabling access to all of the features and functions of the panel without having to drive to the pivot point.
  • The Valley ICON1™ is the first and only smart panel without a display, and yet it offers full access to its capabilities through the included Edge-of-Field WiFi.
  • The Valey ICONX™ is the industry’s first, and only, control panel for pivot irrigation designed to convert older panels and non-Valley panels to full ICON touch control.

Visit valleyICON.com or contact your local Valley dealer today to learn more about the entire line of ICON smart panels from Valley.

In honor of our new product launch, we're giving away 3 ICON smart panels! Enter today.

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