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How Technology In Ag is a Game Changer

by User Not Found | May 04, 2016

“Agriculture…is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.” – Thomas Jefferson in a letter to George Washington on August 14, 1787.

As a founding father, I think he had it right all those years ago, looking into the future of America. We find ourselves in a new generational transition in the workplace. The Millennials are taking over farms in America, replacing members of Gen X and the Baby Boomers. This transition is accompanied by the challenge of new, lesser understood technologies and management practices. Despite these challenges, new technology and innovation in agriculture will help drive us forward by not only increasing profitability, but also allowing us to grow more food to keep up with the booming global population.

Technology in agriculture is a complete game changer, but it must be accompanied by education and support all the way to the field level in order to provide a true value to the grower. To help keep up with this demand for innovation, Valley Water Management (VWM) was designed to support dealers and you for engineered automated pumping solutions.

Over the last three years, VWM has grown exponentially in this arena. We are able to help with the smallest of radio automation projects to very large, fully automated, skid mounted pump stations. We started off with two Project Sales Managers in the field and one inside Sales Manager covering the country, to now having three Project Sales Managers and two inside Sale Managers, a Senior Service Technician, as well as my new role of National Sales Manager and Large Grower Relations. This position allows for more dedication to the sales team, as well as ensuring that we are providing support to our incredible Valley dealer network and their customers.

The past three years have been a journey for VWM, and we are very thankful to the Valley dealer network and you for trusting in us and allowing us to work with you on so many projects of so many levels.

VWM is here to offer Engineering Services and products including but not limited to:

Please contact your local Valley dealer for your standard applications as well as custom solution for your pumping and automation needs.

About Tyler Fields
Director, Valley Water Delivery
Tyler, an agricultural engineer specializing in land and water resources, joined Valley in April 2013. He had worked in the Valley network for many years, enabling him to work closely with the agricultural irrigation community in assessing the needs of the farm and other ag industries. Tyler grew up on a dairy farm in southern Florida and also has been involved in the daily operations of ranches and row crop farms. Working for Valley allows him to pair his education and his love for agriculture.